We build your app MVP (almost) for free!

You have a great idea you want launch, but you can't code. Do you get a technical co-founder? Do you pay an app development company? Do you join a startup incubator? No. You talk to us, because here at the DFC, (pun intended), every three months we select two idea stage startups, that we help bring from idea to MVP launch.

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How does it work?

For absolute clarity, it is your startup. We are here to help, but the grand plan is yours. So how does it work?

1. Apply!

We talk to many people and only accept two projects per term, so we want to understand your project and your motivation to do it, to see if you are a good fit for what we do and how we do it.

2. We build

If both you and us swipe right, we're a match! We'll set up weekly calls to discuss the progress of the MVP. In general, by the end of the second week you have a PWA (progressive web app) that you can use on your phone to show and test! (yay!)

3. You launch!

Launch is typically in month 3. We prepare submissions to the App Store and Google Play. If possible we prepare a private beta so you can get some users to test and we fix any last minute bugs before the app gets published on the app stores.

Some of the tools we use in our projects.

We got you covered with our most used tools.

Start your application today!